Bikini Waitressing

We know how difficult it can be to find the right entertainment for your event, especially when it comes to selecting the right girls! We believe in quality over quantity & like to make things easier by offering bikini, topless & nude waitresses & party girls who are naturally enthusiastic about their job! Below are just some of the stunning talent we offer! If you have any specific requirements, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate! You can fill out the booking form by clicking here. We also ask that you please view our T&C's page to ensure you make the most of your event!Bikini Waitress Services

  •  Bikini Waitress
  •  Food & Beverage Promotions
  •  Card Girls for Sporting Events
  •  Nightclub/Bar Promotions
  •  Sports Marketing Promotions
  •  Corporate Golf Days
  •  Car & Boat Show Promotions or cruises
  •  Trade Show  & Expo Promotions
  •  Photographic Modeling
  •  Bucks & Hens Party
  •  VIP Female Waitress

Social event services:

Enquire using the form or give us a call
minimum booking time required – 2 hours

Girls Price List (per hour).

  • Bikini waitress $90
  • Lingerie waitress $95
  • Topless waitress $150
  • Topless skimpy G string waitress $160 
  • Nude Waitress $200
  • Double impact package (1 hour topless, 1 hour nude) $300
  • Triple package waitressing consisting of 1 hour lingerie, 1 hour topless, 1 hour nude waitressing $350

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